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Homework for the week of Oct 1- 5

Dear Parents,

I really need your help! Well, actually your children need your help. Today I gave a subtraction test to my students, the results were very poor. I had noticed a few weeks back that the students in both grade levels did not know how to subtract when borrowing was required. So, I decided to show them how to expand the numbers so that they would see exactly what they were doing. We went over it many, many times on paper, white boards, homework and they still don't have the concept. This is a grade 2 expectation and all I can think to get them through this is practice, practice practice!

When I was a child going through school we did what was called, "Drill and Kill" which meant we practiced functions over and over. There was a benefit in doing this because at least we got the function down. It's the reason why Kumon and Spirit of Math has so much business. Drill and Kill works.

So, homework next week will be practice, practice practice. Don't hesitat…

Homework for the week of September 25 to 28

Sorry for the late blog post, folks.

  I live in Barrhaven and lost electricity for the whole weekend.

For homework tonight the students will be using their math notebooks to write their subtraction questions. The expectation is to first expand the number and then to subtract.This way makes subtraction clearer for the students because they see the importance of place value when subtracting.

Grade 4
1. 456 
- 299

2. 890 
- 279 

3. 681 
- 399

4. 1234 
- 976 

5. 100 
- 67

Cursive Writing!!

Grade 5

1. 1900 
- 888 

2. 400 
- 281

3. 8000 
- 2999 

4. 6900 
- 2000

5. 10000 
- 9876 

Cursive Writing!! homework...sort of.
We will be doing a subtraction test for both grades. Subtracting using borrowing is really important, however, it is a skill that is taught in Grade 2 and should have been mastered by now. Some of my students have not yet mastered this skill and this means home practice is required. So, homework will be you ensuring that your skills of borrowing is solid. It's time I started …

Homework for the week of September 17 to 21

Above is the weekly schedule for my morning (Grade 5) and afternoon (Grade 4) students. These are only the subject that I teach as well as Mr. Douglas when he is teaching Writing which is indicated by "Write"

Grade 4
Math: rounding practice to the nearest tens and hundreds (we are rounding up to nearest thousands next week)
please use this link to practice rounding (grade 4)

Cursive Writing each night

Grade 5
Math: rounding sheet to the nearest tens, hundreds and thousands ( we are rounding to the nearest ten thousands next week)

Grade 4 and 5
Find a household product, something small. Take a picture of it or draw it. How would you sell this product? Who would be the target audience? What is the purpose of the product? What message would you send? Would you capitalize on the benefits of the product or that your product is better than the competitors? We will discuss your findings in class this week.

Cursive Writing each ni…

Homework for the week of September 10-14 inclusive

Grade 4
math sheet (addition)

Grade 5
math sheet (addition)

Grade 4
media literacy 
Find a commercial on the internet or on the tv and write about iton the paper I gave you.

You need to 1. write down what commercial it is (example Wendy's commercial); 2. write the Target audience; 3. Write the purpose of the commercial (example to sell Wendy's hamburgers, "Where's the beef!); 4. Message- write about the message (example that Wendy's burgers have more beef than Mcdonald's and Burger King)

Grade 5
N.B Dear parents of Grade 5 students. Your child needs to be reading and writing cursive. Please write notes to them in cursive. In addition, I will be sending home a practice book tomorrow and your child needs to practice each day. If they were in my homeroom last year I taught them how to write in cursive but most are not using it. I WILL be writing in cursive to them this year, in my lessons and as feedback.
Find an advertisement in a magazine or in the newspaper…

Friday Reward!!

Dear Parents of both Grade 4 and 5 Students,

Each week I try to award my students with "Free time". Any free time they have earned is paid on Friday of that week. If their behaviour warrants it, they can earn as much as 30 minutes. At this time, they are permitted to play games, and/or use technology on E level games, ( games that are of proper rating for a child of this age). If a game is rated 13+ or parent supervision required, they can not play it in the class. If YOU permit your child to bring in their technology, they can. If YOU say you would rather that your child not bring in their technology that is perfectly fine. This provision is only for Fridays for now. I have tons of games that your child can play in class with their friends.

Thanks and have a great evening!,

Patricia MacKinnon

Notes for the day! Sept 4

Dear Parents,
Please note. There is homework tonight. The students (both grade 4 and grade 5) are to add cards tonight in an effort to build their capacity for mental math. No fingers allowed. Time and patience preferred.

Next, Students must have clean shoes which are not used outdoors. Slippers are allowed if they are not slippery. In addition please provide a water bottle, a box of ziplock baggies OR a box of Kleenex, four duo tangs, and a package of whiteboard markers for the class.


Dear Parents and Students of Grade 4 and 5,

This year I have the great honour of teaching Grade 5 in the morning and Grade 4 in the afternoon. The subjects which I will be teaching for both grade levels is Math, Language Arts and Religion.

Please check this blog daily. For the most part, my homework posts will be done on Sunday and will apply to the week. However, often, I will add something for my student’s when I see that additional practice is reqired after noting that a concept was difficult for some of my students. Homework is practice of skills taught. If a student does not understand a concept and then we as a class, continue to the next step, they will be even further behind. Homework IS the difference between mastering a concept or at very least seeing there is a blindspot, and not knowing there is an issue until a final test is failed. Please encourage daily practice of skills even if no homework has been assigned. I can only give the final mark earned by my students.