Thursday, September 6, 2018

Friday Reward!!

Dear Parents of both Grade 4 and 5 Students,

Each week I try to award my students with "Free time". Any free time they have earned is paid on Friday of that week. If their behaviour warrants it, they can earn as much as 30 minutes. At this time, they are permitted to play games, and/or use technology on E level games, ( games that are of proper rating for a child of this age). If a game is rated 13+ or parent supervision required, they can not play it in the class. If YOU permit your child to bring in their technology, they can. If YOU say you would rather that your child not bring in their technology that is perfectly fine. This provision is only for Fridays for now. I have tons of games that your child can play in class with their friends.

Thanks and have a great evening!,

Patricia MacKinnon

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