Friday, September 28, 2018

Homework for the week of Oct 1- 5

Dear Parents,

I really need your help! Well, actually your children need your help. Today I gave a subtraction test to my students, the results were very poor. I had noticed a few weeks back that the students in both grade levels did not know how to subtract when borrowing was required. So, I decided to show them how to expand the numbers so that they would see exactly what they were doing. We went over it many, many times on paper, white boards, homework and they still don't have the concept. This is a grade 2 expectation and all I can think to get them through this is practice, practice practice!

When I was a child going through school we did what was called, "Drill and Kill" which meant we practiced functions over and over. There was a benefit in doing this because at least we got the function down. It's the reason why Kumon and Spirit of Math has so much business. Drill and Kill works.

So, homework next week will be practice, practice practice. Don't hesitate to give your little darling more practice questions but I am sending home a math practice sheet every day.

Monday- Thursday inclusive (both grades)
1. math practice sheet and showing proof
2. reading to a pet for fifteen minutes (pictures of pets and children reading are welcome so that we can share with our friends in our presentation)

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