Sunday, September 16, 2018

Homework for the week of September 17 to 21

Above is the weekly schedule for my morning (Grade 5) and afternoon (Grade 4) students. These are only the subject that I teach as well as Mr. Douglas when he is teaching Writing which is indicated by "Write"

Grade 4
Math: rounding practice to the nearest tens and hundreds (we are rounding up to nearest thousands next week)
please use this link to practice rounding (grade 4)

Cursive Writing each night

Grade 5
Math: rounding sheet to the nearest tens, hundreds and thousands ( we are rounding to the nearest ten thousands next week)

Grade 4 and 5
Find a household product, something small. Take a picture of it or draw it. How would you sell this product? Who would be the target audience? What is the purpose of the product? What message would you send? Would you capitalize on the benefits of the product or that your product is better than the competitors? We will discuss your findings in class this week.

Cursive Writing each night. If your child has handed in their cursive book and I am just writing up the next pages, please have them practice cursive on a whiteboard or on scrap paper.

Grade 4
Reading:Why does the Ocean have Waves reading comprehension with questions

Cursive Writing each night

Grade 5
Reading: Hummingbird reading comprehension with questions

Grade 4
Math No homework because these kids Rocked at doing homework for two weeks!!

Grade 5
Math Grade 5's have earned no homework for tonight!
However, Please discuss traditions and rituals with the family and why these traditions are so important for your family. The students will be exploring traditions of your family next week and in the weeks to come.

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