Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Homework for the week of September 25 to 28

Sorry for the late blog post, folks.

  I live in Barrhaven and lost electricity for the whole weekend.

For homework tonight the students will be using their math notebooks to write their subtraction questions. The expectation is to first expand the number and then to subtract.  This way makes subtraction clearer for the students because they see the importance of place value when subtracting.

Grade 4
1. 456 
  - 299 

2. 890 
  - 279 

3. 681 
  - 399

4. 1234 
    - 976 

5. 100 
    - 67 

Cursive Writing!!

Grade 5

1. 1900 
    - 888 

2. 400 
  - 281 

3. 8000 
  - 2999 

4. 6900 
  - 2000 

5. 10000 
   - 9876 

Cursive Writing!!

Wednesday...no homework...sort of.
We will be doing a subtraction test for both grades. Subtracting using borrowing is really important, however, it is a skill that is taught in Grade 2 and should have been mastered by now. Some of my students have not yet mastered this skill and this means home practice is required. So, homework will be you ensuring that your skills of borrowing is solid. It's time I started teaching grade 4 and 5 curriculum!!

For both grades: please have the students read outloud to their pet in a room. My suggestion is to go into a room (bedroom works well) and close the door with your pet. Take out a book and read to your pet for 15 minutes out loud. IF you do not have a pet then read to a stuffed animal. The idea is to be calm and free of judgment so that they can read and gain confidence. Studies have shown that the animals will get used to being read to and over a few days, will calm down and expect to be read to. Studies have also shown that children who are read to become better readers. Reading out loud to the pet will benefit the reader.  All children can benefit from this exercise.
Students if you read to your pet, please send me an email and tell me how it went!

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