Monday, September 3, 2018


Dear Parents and Students of Grade 4 and 5,

This year I have the great honour of teaching Grade 5 in the morning and Grade 4 in the afternoon. The subjects which I will be teaching for both grade levels is Math, Language Arts and Religion.

Please check this blog daily. For the most part, my homework posts will be done on Sunday and will apply to the week. However, often, I will add something for my student’s when I see that additional practice is reqired after noting that a concept was difficult for some of my students. Homework is practice of skills taught. If a student does not understand a concept and then we as a class, continue to the next step, they will be even further behind. Homework IS the difference between mastering a concept or at very least seeing there is a blindspot, and not knowing there is an issue until a final test is failed. Please encourage daily practice of skills even if no homework has been assigned. I can only give the final mark earned by my students.

There will be a heavy emphasis on math homework for the entire year. The Language Arts components which I will be grading is reading, media literacy and oral communication.

Mr. Douglas will be teaching writing in the Language Arts curriculum.

I look forward to closely working with all of my students and with you, their parent’s.

Yours in education,
Patricia MacKinnon

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