Monday, October 22, 2018

Homework for the week of October 22 to 26

Using your brand new homework folder (red for Grade 5 and blue for Grade 4) and homework notebook, complete your homework for the week. Date each day's work so that I know you have done your homework. Only those students with ALL  their homework completed and dated will receive free time on Friday. Even if you finish during free time, you will still NOT have earned your free time.

your name
your PIN

Division questions  (copy these into your notebook) and xtramath

Write about you and your family. Tell me about everyone.

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Multiplication sheet and xtramath
In your cursive book write about your pet OR if you don't have a pet write about the pet you want. REALISTIC
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x    8

Division sheet (for Grade 5 ONLY)
and xtramath

For cursive writing please write about your favourite memory...two page minimum!!
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In your cursive notebook write down (in cursive) the following words three times. Since this is spelling practice please make certain you spell the words correctly each time. :P

No math today!!!

1. rolled
2. finger
3. except
4. speed
5. couldn’t
6. eleven
7. catch
8. itself
9. stolen
10. button
11. bargain
12. certain
13. orphan
14. opinion
15. oxen
16. latitude
17. longitude
18. compass
19. absolute
20. equator

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  1. I hope that students who are on a different homework plan are still given free time opportunities on Fridays


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