Monday, December 10, 2018

homework for the week of December 10 - 14

Grade 4 and 5 students need to memorize their Christmas Carol. Please find the previous blog post with the words and music to the two grade level songs. Please memorize the two verses each night this week!

Grade 5 students who are not yet finished to book Holes must finish as the book report is due on Friday of this week. We have been reading this book for over a month. I will extend the due date for all students but need for all books to be completed. There are three Grade 5 students who are not yet finished! I can't wait to hear your reaction of the book!

xtrmath should be continued for all children this week. One student in Grade 5 asked if we could try to aim for a 75 minute free time on Friday, but we all need to participate and therefore we all need to do xtramath this week and have our book finished.

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