Monday, January 7, 2019


Grade 4's xtramath (only)

Grade 5's have until Friday to work in their math notebook to complete any work in measurement; perimeter and area. This work was not completed in end of November and December. As a class we are going to work on our next unit starting on Tuesday of this week in Patterning. I will attempt to put examples of patterning tasks/expectations on blog each week so that parents know what we are working on. Some parents have requested that we have examples so that they can better work with their child.

Grade 4`s please make certain that you have created a Google Doc named, `Password``. In that doc you should list all of your passwords for email, xtramath, Kidblog etc. I will check it out tomorrow.

Students are to use their homework notebooks which are in their homework duotang for this practice work.

Patterning Example: Create a growing pattern. Make the number 36 one of the first five numbers in your pattern. What will the 10th number in your pattern be? What is the pattern rule?

Patterning Example: Create a shrinking pattern. Make the number 96 one of the first five numbers in your pattern.Show the pattern with base ten blocks. What is the pattern rule?

In each line, what is the pattern rule?

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