Saturday, January 19, 2019

Homework for the week of January 28 and going forward...

Homework plan has changed
  • xtramath every day until the total program is done to build math facts. Two of my students in grade 5 are finished.
  • Spelling list every Monday for each grade level. 
  • The program I have researched and found best for my students is Nelson Spelling. I bought this at Chapters/Indigo. If your child needs a grade below or a grade above then please feel free to give your child what they need in addition to the grade level work they will be doing this year. That being said, my hope is to teach Grade 5 next year so my Grade 4s will receive the grade 5 program when they are in grade 5 (if I get my request to teach grade 4 and 5 again)
  • Monday write words three times each, accurately 
  • Tuesday complete the first page of the lesson
  • Wednesday complete the second page of the lesson
  • Thursday mock spelling test given by a parent
  • Friday spelling tests
The reason we don’t do it all in one day is because that would be similar to cramming for an exam... studies show that cramming for an exam results in at least 80% of content forgotten.

Repetition results in “sticky learning” please see short video to understand the concept of Sticky Learning

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