Thursday, May 2, 2019

Contents and schedule of Grade 5 Data Test

Next week we will have our final data management test for the Grade 5 students. As always, in class, we are practicing everything that will be on the test. There will be no surprises. That being said if a student does not study that which we practice each day then they could do very poorly. So, study each night and over the weekend is imperative.

The test will be done over three days; Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Any student who misses a part or whole test will have to do it on Thursday and Friday morning.

The students should study the following:

  • How to create an accurate bar graph and a double bar graph (three titles, legend, x, and y-axis accurately marked, scale)
  • What a bar graph is used for in comparison with a line graph ( a bar graph is used to compare data and a line graph is used to see data over time ... continuum)
  • How to make a double line graph
  • How to read a bar graph and line graph and make meaningful conclusions based on the data. In class, we have discussed the difference between a Grade 2 observation and a Grade 5 observation. (75 girls were surveyed and 30 boys were surveyed in this. this is significant if boys and girls are being compared)
  • How to use percentage in data to express meaning in the data. For instance, if ten people are surveyed about their favourite animal and 4/10 people prefer cats, then the Grade 5 students know (from our last math unit and test) how to make 4/10 into a decimal and into a fraction.
  • How to calculate mean, median, mode and range (both ways) of a set of data. 
Good Luck with your studying.

Boys (62 surveyed)
Girls (60 surveyed)

What is the percentage of boys that like comics?
What is the percentage of girls that like comics?
What is the mean of the students that like comics?
What is the mode in the data for boys books choices?
What is the median for the boy's data?
What is the median for ALL the data given?
What is the range for ALL the data?

What is the percentage of students that liked non-fiction books?

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