Monday, May 13, 2019

Homework for the week of May 13

Grade 5's have nine simple pages of measuring angles. It sounds like a lot but it is really not that much.

Transformational Geometry with the practice for Grade 5's

Grade 4's and 5's will need to understand the concept of geometric transformations

1. Grade 5's are working on geometry. They all need to have a clear protractor. I have some extra protractors but not enough for the whole class.

2. Grade 5's are currently learning about how to classify triangles. Please watch this video to help them understand. Some triangles are tricky.

Grade 5's will also be learning about transformational geometry. How to name where an object is on a grid and where it translates (moves)

Grade 4's will be learning about how to name where an object is on a grid, specifically on a map.

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